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Online safety has a central position within our services. With our preventive IT security solutions and GDPR compliance, we make you aware of the dangers of being connected worldwide.
In addition, there is our specialized cyber insurance that provides extra peace of mind.



Did you know that company networks have often been infected for six months before being noticed? Often the cause is only found after irreparable damage has been done.

"CRM connects smart people with smart technology!"

Through automation we improve safety while reducing costs. Incidents are quickly detected and dealt with.


Our roadmap:

01user awareness training

02cybertest and assessment


04recommandation and solutions


06cyber policy


We offer a unique, real-time overview at the core of your IT environment thanks to advanced software and technology.

Be sure to ask about our cyber policy!

Don’t neglect GDPR

With the arrival of the new European privacy legislation, many companies know that they must fully focus on the protection of personal data, but they often do not know how to do that. Count on CRM for hands-on support and guidelines, so that you and your company can become fully GDPR compliant in no time.

We grow with your company!

From customized solutions for small businesses...

...to complete protection for a large IT network!

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