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CRM.dev stands for the development of smart software. Our flagship is Insusoft, the leading management package in the insurance sector. In addition to the software itself, there is the support service and even a training center available.


Insusoft 2020

New generation of management software.

The number of functionalities within Insusoft 2020 is enourmous, and makes the package suitable for both small and large offices, from insurers to internationally operating master brokers.


Insusoft contains:

  1. analyses & reports
  2. online customer zone
  3. digital signing
  4. work paperless
  5. communication network
  6. term management
  7. fleet module
  8. accounting module
  9. and much more...

CRM Business School

The IT training courses for the insurance broker.

The CRM Business School provides a differentiated range of training courses with Masterclass Attesting, a professional knowledge center full of interactive material.

The knowledge center contains

  1. syllabi
  2. courses
  3. manuals
  4. work cards
  5. procedural books
  6. release notes
  7. interactive instructional films

Need support?

Both our help desk and our customer portal are available to offer a solution to your questions.

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