We are a global IT-partner that provide innovative solutions for your digital comfort and security.


'We relieve you': that summarizes the entire vision of CRM group. We are specialized in IT solutions tailored to companies. Our technological know-how and targeted advice are our strongest assets. IT is only becoming more important and the digital world continues to develop at lightning speed. The conclusion is clear: a reliable, innovative and proactive IT partner is an absolute must.


CRM IT offers a total solution for hardware, network and telephony for your company. Every company is unique in terms of structure, method and objectives. That is why your IT approach is also unique. We offer the best solution for your company through 100% customized solutions.



CRM.dev stands for the development of smart software. Our flagship is Insusoft, the leading management package in the insurance sector. In addition to the software itself, there is the support service and even a training center available.


Marketing en design

Een gemotiveerd team met kennis, know how en met 10 jaar ervaring in de sector. Vormgevers, webdevelopers, social media experts, we hebben het allemaal in huis! Uw logo, huisstijl, website, de juiste marketingstrategie, we kunnen het allemaal maken!



Online safety has a central position within our services. With our preventive IT security solutions and GDPR compliance, we make you aware of the dangers of being connected worldwide. In addition, there is our specialized cyber insurance that provides extra peace of mind.



CrmConnect is een onafhankelijke autodistributeur van nieuwe wagens. De troeven van CrmConnect zijn de aankoop van grote partijen voertuigen uit heel Europa, alsook het plaatsen van productieorders, op maat van onze klanten, bij verschillende fabrikanten. CrmConnect levert enkel naar professionele autohandelaren, dit internationaal. Om ons aanbod te bezichtigen kan u inloggen op ons klantenportaal. Dit klantenportaal toont echter maar een deel van het volledige aanbod, daar bepaalde aanbiedingen een selecte verkoop binnen een bepaald land vereisen.


CEO's 4 Climate

The goal of CEOs 4 Climate, or "C4C" for short, is to unite business managers who want to contribute to a sustainable climate. Business leaders, for example in the industry, often have a bad image when it comes to their ecological footprint. Many of them want to prove that they too act ecologically conscious.