Terms and conditions

With any purchase by the customer, be it from CRM.Dev NV or CRM.Tec NV (in short: CRM):


  1. Our quotations, sales and contracts are governed by the conditions below. We consider these conditions to be known and accepted by the buyer. Except for special mention, only our general terms and conditions are strictly applicable, notwithstanding all conflicting indications on the buyer’s documents. Each offer can be withdrawn until acceptance by the buyer and automatically expires fourteen days after the date, unless a period is stated on the offer.
  2. Retention of title clause. “It is understood that merchandise and the delivered goods remain the property of the seller until full payment of the purchase price, this in express deviation from art. 1583 B.W .”
  3. The delivery times and installation data are only given as an indication, without a formal commitment, and are complied with as far as possible. Delays in no way justify canceling orders, breaking the purchase, reducing prices or claiming compensation of any kind.
  4. In the event of business disruptions, strikes, force majeure, coincidence and / or government measures, we are released from the obligations to deliver and / or implement. We then have the choice between termination by law of the agreement without compensation, and on the other hand the extension of the terms of delivery and / or execution with a duration equal to that of the interruption. The break or extension of the term can be notified by CRM by means of a simple message by fax or letter.
  5. Any complaints, comments, disputes or protests are only admissible if they were formulated in writing and by registered mail within two days of the delivery or invoicing date. No return of goods is accepted without our prior approval. The return must always be free of charge. The customer cannot create any excuse for any complaint to postpone payment.
  6. The buyer must inspect the goods immediately upon delivery. Any non-compliance must be signaled within two days of delivery. After this period has expired, it is definitively and irrefutably accepted that the delivered goods are in conformity and free from any visible defect that could be noticed during a thorough inspection. In the event of non-conforming delivery, we have the right to replace or dissolve the agreement without claiming any compensation in this regard.
  7. All invoices from CRM.dev can be paid by operation of law as stipulated in the Contractual Provisions of the associated software package (received upon signing the order form). In the event of late payment, a conventional interest of 1% per month on unpaid invoices is due. Unpaid invoices one week after the due date are increased by a fixed compensation of 15% with a minimum of 50.00 Euro and a maximum of 5,000.00 Euro, without prejudice to our right to prove higher damage. The principal sum, compensation and interest are legally required without any notice of default being required. The correct payment is the essence of every agreement where CRM acts as a seller. The above-mentioned damages clause is therefore of strict application, since any default, however small the delay may be, disrupts the seller’s economy. The conventionally determined compensation includes both the additional administrative and personnel costs, the temporary unavailability of the capital which causes a disturbance in the seller’s business and its financial management and, where appropriate, the non-recoverable court costs, including a normal lawyer’s fee. and to the extent that the buyer does not have a reasonable and plausible defense against the claim of CRM. Any non-payment justifies the suspension of further delivery or execution of warranty obligations.
  8. If the buyer refuses the order, destroys the contract or cannot be executed, the buyer undertakes to pay a fixed compensation of 30% of the total amount of the contract.
  9. The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries.
  10. With every order from CRM.dev NV the buyer declares to have automatically taken note of the general contractual provisions.
  11. The customer undertakes to comply perfectly with the provisions in the maintenance contracts, license agreement stipulated in the contractual provisions.
  12. Every time incorrect information is passed on by the customer, CRM has to incur additional costs such as wasting time, transport, etc. these will be recovered from the customer.
  13. The fact that the buyer may not have received the general terms and conditions in his native language does not release him from their application.
  14. Any dispute that could arise between the parties can only be settled by the Kortrijk court, for both national and international transactions. Only Belgian law applies to our contracts.
  15. CRM processes personal data in the context of the implementation of this agreement. Your personal information, supplied documents, image and sound material will always remain confidential and will not be made available to third parties, unless we have received your explicit permission for this.
  16. CRM processes the contact details of customers that are required for the installation of software or hardware.
  17. CRM can transfer relevant data to government agencies (local or federal, judicial or administrative) in the context of the performance of their legal assignments, to the dispute resolution institution for the purpose of conducting a dispute.
  18. The customer has the right to access his personal data, as well as the right to make improvements to his data if they are incorrect. And must immediately inform CRM about any change in name or name, address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers.
  19. More information about the processing of personal data by CRM and the privacy rights is available in the privacy policy of CRM, which can be found on the website of CRM, www.crm.be

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