Here at CRM Group we are constantly working on creating new technologies. Our youngest achievement is CRM ChatBizz, a platform that will burst at the seams. New functions are added daily.

What exactly is ChatBizz?

Imagine that you can configure a sustainable product (car, bicycle, white goods, house, …) online, buy, insure, pay, have it repaired etc … from your couch with 1 application.

CRM ChatBizz acts as a unique communication platform (available 24/7) between all parties.

How does it work?

  1. The user asks his questions to the interactive and user-friendly interface of ChatBizz.
  2. The platform provides the answer thanks to the link to various systems (CRM package, website, …) of the different suppliers (trader, broker, insurance company, lender, …).
  3. The user can digitally approve via ChatBizz (via 2FA).

CRM ChatBizz is the first on the market that brings all sectors together and allows them to communicate with their common customer. This makes exclusive collaborations possible. Companies and companies can, for example, create their own benefits from their ChatBizz audience.

Our ChatBizz …

  • informs
  • sells
  • documents
  • manages
  • connects
  • communicaties

with every party, at every level.

CRM ChatBizz generates leads and offers you convenience and time savings, but also ensures higher confidence and peace of mind for your customers.

What can Chatbizz do for you?

We are happy to tell you everything about it. Please contact us via or +32 56 37 28 75