Managing your website, it’s not obvious. Certain websites initially have a nice layout, but due to the careless introduction of the content, there is not much left of that design. Therefore, save yourself from seven mistakes made and turn your website into a great masterpiece!

Tip 1: avoid miles of text

Internet reads differently than paper. For example, texts on a website must be “scannable”. Use attractive, short chapter titles, sufficient blank lines, headers and summaries. And above all, short to-the-point texts are lord and master on the internet.

Tip 2: visual language

A website is ideal for catchy or inspiring visual material. Text only works if there is a suitable picture to confirm what you are saying. impersonal stock images or photos of poor quality should really be avoided: Rely on an experienced photographer or art director.

Tip 3: smile please

What is not allowed on a passport, is a must on a team page: laugh. Sometimes team pages often resemble a collection of wanted criminals. Why not just go crazy? Feel free to see it from another side. People will find you sympathetic and are curious to get to know you.

Tip 4: color bomb

All those colors are an attack on the retina of your visitor. Keep your corporate identity tidy and watch over the readability of your website. Not everyone has the same sense of color, but you do not want to be regarded as a tasteless company.

Tip 5: stop yelling!

Select what is really important because not everything on your homepage can be emphasized just as hard. If “everything” stands out, “nothing” really stands out again. Avoid exclamation marks, block letters, hard colors, etc. If you don’t yell you appear more friendly and get a lot more in return.

Tip 6: watch out for poor SEO

“I want to be at the top of Google” is a frequently asked question. But then you first have to get to know your visitors and know how they are looking for you online. If the keywords do not appear anywhere on the website, you will not be found on them … As a website administrator you can help yourself a lot.

Tip 7: Text errorz

It is more common than you think: a website that is full of language errors. We know that copywriters do not work for free, so if you want to write yourself, have your work proofread by someone who does have some language sensitivity.

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